Monday, November 17, 2008

the day grammy gave me the bird

well, here's my story for the week. i was leaving the parking lot of michael's. there was a line of about 4 cars, there was a break, so i attempted to make a left into the line. well car #1 with grampy in it was having none of those shenanigan's and jetted up so i couldn't get in the car line.
so, i gave him a thumbs up and mouthed "thanks, that's really nice". he starts laughing and pointing at me with much sarcasm!! now here i am blocking traffic as car#2 tries to go through the small opening in front of me. grammy looks at me and is shaking her head at me. i'm trying to back up but there is a family behind me. i look at grammy and say"i'm trying". and....she flipped me off!!!!!!! my daughter, sophie says" i can't believe she just did that! i've never seen a gramma do that". it gave me a warm fuzzy to have sophie there to share that wonderful moment with me. for crying out loud, am i in a parallel universe?

oh, sweet grammy, i'm so sorry that i ruined your day by blocking you for those 5 seconds. shame on you!!
and grumpy grampy, i'm so sorry that i broke one the senior citizen cardinal rules by trying to be young whippersnapper and go in front you. all i want to say is that the song that was running through my head was, "grandma got run over by a reindeer" hahahahaha!

so, i guess i'll be doing alot of online shopping this year. i'll post a card later. just had to vent,
it is very cathartic having a blog:)


Dawn said...

Great story! That granny deserves to at least step in some reindeer do-do!

Lori Barnett said...

ha ha ha ha ha!!! thanks for the laugh!! :)