Monday, December 8, 2008

goin' in the vault

here are the cards from my cancelled class :( aren't they pretty? , oh, well another time. i'm not bummed, just disappointed. i was so excited for my first class and had some fun things planned. i'll just have to channel that all into a valentine's class! have a great week, get all that shopping done!

it's award season :)

sweet tisha nominated me for a kreativ blogger award. thank you tisha for thinking of us newbies! here are the lovely ladies i'll nominate. so, put on your party dress and have a glass of champagne! check out their wonderful blogs!!

glenda (bc)
lori (az)
jill (ca)
jen d (nh)
nicole (love her cards !)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

bonus card... better late than never

when i was growing up, "the snow queen", would come on once a year. remember those days!? i could hardly wait, when i saw it in the t.v. guide. oh, how i loved that cartoon. i just fell in love with the story of kai and gerda. i have tried to find it as an adult. i'm sure my memories of it would be shattered, if i were to see it today. i had so much fun last night. it showed me i could create under pressure:)

home alone

i really enjoyed making this card. it is a shout out to seattle!! i know i probably mention it too often, but i really miss the northwest!! so i was very pleased with myself on this design. i don't have a "miss you" stamp, but i thought this worked well.

scrooged not bad, i think it could fall in with "a christmas story" theme. what do you think? i really don't use staples much and last night, i stapled my thumb in the mad rush of card making:)

polar express

i love this story!! that's it....:)

Friday, December 5, 2008

christmas story

my techie daughter is at a sleepover, so i had to figure all this out by myself. :) i did have a little help from my other knowitall child, sean. :) i'm sure even my 8 year old would know more than me. i can't believe i made all of these cards last night!! sure was fun and messy. thanks to anyone who's stops by.

Monday, December 1, 2008

counting the days till christmas break...

well, our family had a relaxing, easy thanksgiving. so mellow, that i only made two cards. not sure about the distressing on the thanksgiving card. the cupcake one was for little 4 year old chloe's birthday, a friends daughter. it's much more glittery than in the picture. i love the color combo. i think i'm still having the effects of the turkey tryptophan. i can hardly keep my eyes open. seriously, on friday i woke up, made breakfast and then at 10:00 i had to go back to bed. i slept for another 2 hours.

we have 3 weeks until the kids break, 2 full glorious weeks off!!! sleeping in, minimal homework hopefully. last year my junior had 4 projects due over the break, in ONE stinkin' class!! that didn't include the other classes. i find it so ridiculous to assign things over a break. where is the family time? we were so stressed about it that it really put a damper on the trip. i kept having to nag sean the whole time. sophie was in the ninth grade and had nothing!? can you tell i'm still a little bitter:)

we will be on the road to cape cod and western mass. for the holidays. there will be stories galore ..... well, i'm feeling a bit dozy again, ta ta. have a terrific week and keep on stamping.