Monday, June 29, 2009

Who's been to Fork's?

well, i missed the ribbon challenge. by golly, i wasn't going to miss the TWILIGHT one! not the greatest pic, i'll most likely take another tomorrow and replace it. the sun was setting, but i was anxious to get this post up. this was alot of fun, i had that pumpkin truck in mind for awhile. i tried to grunge it up with the copic colorless blender. i also omitted the seattle from a muses "greetings from seattle" and added forks. my lettering could be better:) i KNOW bella wouldn't be wearing a dress but hey...i hope you all have a blast with this challenge.
also, my daughter, sophie is designing a new blog banner. i have no clue to what or how she is doing:D

thanks for all of your sweet comments on my"pizza" too:)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

happy pizza day!!

if my 18 year old son would have his way, it would be pizza day everyday!
i have a secret though...they're COOKIES. did i fool you? i made these for my last class. we made the super cute mini-pizza boxes and i thought hmmm....what can i put in them and tada:) lots of oohs and ahhs erupted.

they're pretty easy peasy:
slice and bake your sugar cookie dough.
spread some yummy strawberry jam on top.
sprinkle on some grated white chocolate.
cut out circles from strawberry fruit by the foot.(i used the bottom of a frosting tip, that seemed to be the right size).

your peeps will think your the most amazing, craftiest person on earth:D ENJOY!

it's hip to be square!

i know i'm dating myself with that title. here's a card for the first A*muse*a*palooza challenge. it's true there are some circles. but i love the look of planets that our square little bobble head robot boy is bouncing off of. i'm sure your into the A*muse*a*palooza fun already. don't forget to check the A Muse news blog regularly for fun contests and PRIZES. well, today is sophie's end of the year dance recital. lots to do!! see you soon.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's that time of the year!! Are you as excited as I am?!! We'll be having fun challenges and contests. Sooooo, make sure you check the A Muse news blog like every minute! Come on you have the time, the kids are out of school. See you soon with some cards:)