Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hey you!! wake up!!

well, i think i am finally getting over my jet lag. we went to hawaii during spring break, from the east coast. wow, what a flight to get there but definately worth the pain. it really is a spectacular place to go. i was born in honolulu but left when i was 3. so, it was quite an experience to go back there after all of these years. we did pearl harbor, which was very sobering. climbed diamond head i thought i was going to have a stroke! i don't think i have ever sweated that much in my life:D i really thought i was going to have to have someone push me up the last flight of stairs.

i was amazed at the other people hiking up in flip flops (JENN if you see this :) and wearing coats and jeans . spent a day at the polynesian cultural center, saw where "lost" is filmed on the way there. went to the dole plantation for pineapple ice cream and the pineapple maze. my fav was the north shore, truly what you picture hawaii to look like. i can't wait to go back.

well, i missed the a muse bouche due to my travel coma, but here is some dessert:) of course i had to add some island flavor, hope you like it! i used the sakura and bamboo stamps from our newly hatched line. couldn't resist my love of hula girl too! don't forget to check out the a muse website for the fun new release and leave a comment for your chance to win a great prize!! see you soon, off to teach a class tomorrow!