Tuesday, November 25, 2008

gettin' things done aka git'r done

i will be crafty, i will be crafty....finally able to take sophie to twilight.... 4 days off....only our family nucleus....my time schedule....no one else's agenda....yahooooo!!! one month to prepare for the exact opposite at christmas! i will post some cards over the next few days.

Monday, November 17, 2008

the day grammy gave me the bird

well, here's my story for the week. i was leaving the parking lot of michael's. there was a line of about 4 cars, there was a break, so i attempted to make a left into the line. well car #1 with grampy in it was having none of those shenanigan's and jetted up so i couldn't get in the car line.
so, i gave him a thumbs up and mouthed "thanks, that's really nice". he starts laughing and pointing at me with much sarcasm!! now here i am blocking traffic as car#2 tries to go through the small opening in front of me. grammy looks at me and is shaking her head at me. i'm trying to back up but there is a family behind me. i look at grammy and say"i'm trying". and....she flipped me off!!!!!!! my daughter, sophie says" i can't believe she just did that! i've never seen a gramma do that". it gave me a warm fuzzy to have sophie there to share that wonderful moment with me. for crying out loud, am i in a parallel universe?

oh, sweet grammy, i'm so sorry that i ruined your day by blocking you for those 5 seconds. shame on you!!
and grumpy grampy, i'm so sorry that i broke one the senior citizen cardinal rules by trying to be young whippersnapper and go in front you. all i want to say is that the song that was running through my head was, "grandma got run over by a reindeer" hahahahaha!

so, i guess i'll be doing alot of online shopping this year. i'll post a card later. just had to vent,
it is very cathartic having a blog:)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

bon voyage to all traveling to seattle

i want to be there so bad, you can't even imagine. you are going to have such a blast. i don't know how many of you are first timer's to the lovely northwest. so, in between the a muse activities, i hope you get a taste of what Seattle has to offer. try to hold back from the Starbuck's, i know it will be hard:) hey, they are EVERYWHERE! i look forward to hearing about everyone's adventures.

here's peeky-poo at two of my cards for class in December. see you soon.

Monday, November 3, 2008

happy election eve

i'm waiting for my a muse order with the new cupcake and baking sets. i got a late start with the order,( pc issues). they are both so adorable and yummy. plus lowfat unlike my baking, i'm all about real butter. i sooo can't wait to get them. they are both fantastic for homemade gifts, endless possibilities. in the meantime, here's a little card i made.

i had this in mind for awhile, nice and simple. i love a muse, all of the stamps are so versatile. it's hard to believe this whole election process will culminate tomorrow. i'm just going to stamp and mute the t.v. because it's just going to be blah,blah, blah all the ding dong day! have a great night and i'll post tomorrow some cards i have planned for my very FIRST class. yikes!!